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About FareWizards

Book cheapest air ticket at FareWizards, with no hassle! Only you need to leave a click on us and hand in best deals over hundreds of cheapest air flights. Founded in October 2014, the US-based company is known as the leading online cheapest air ticket booking portal that enables to have won over hearts of its customers worldwide.

Also know it presents itself as a platform connecting the global travelers with numerous local & expert travel agents. Travelers may demand or select, personalize and book the top travel packages created as per their interest & needs. So its aim stands out to keep our travelers happy by fully-customized packages and fair transaction for all.

Bear in mind that this currently has as much as 500+ local travel agents spread over 15+ countries who help travelers in adapting their trips. Travelers can choose from a broad range of local and global destinations.

Our Story

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The First Year

A Persistent-to-go-Entrepreneurial Wizard For the vast majority of dreamers which exist, one with restless and commercial intriguing ideas came in vision to create “Online Cheapest Air Ticket Booking Portal” and became successful to have named its dream FareWizards. The sweat put up by him in the office (which was nothing more than a small room with just smallest amount of frills) ensured that the company starts winning over heats of enthusiastic travelers worldwide from the first day itself of the launch event.

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The Third Year

Word… the First Choice we are known by! Our comprehensible travel platform crossed mark of 1 lac pleased travelers and our association with travel agents all over the country grew more than 400. This ensued in FareWizards a first choice to compare over cheapest air flights in the world.

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Our Future Scenario

We look on sky to rain Smiles for our customers We intend to form custom-made experience available to our every customer through expert and trustworthy agent's network. To write this distinctive growth story in the travel industry at global level, we search for keen people, who share the same dream and interest aggressively.

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FareWizards.com solely act as an agent, we create a bridge between travelers and suppliers of travel services including flight tickets, hotels and other travel services. We do not own or manage any kind of Travel Services. We don’t declare that we are airlines or are associated with any airlines. Entire branding is authentic for expressive purposes only and does not signify any involvement with any airlines or organization. For further details please read our Terms of Use.