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Get the best deals on Domestic Flights. Search over thousands of domestic flights with us and book cheapest airline tickets to travel in the country with assistance also to:

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Travel anywhere… FareWizards is here! With the best deals and discount coupons to avail you international air ticket cheaper, FareWizards has a lot to smile you and to induce by:

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Top US Airlines

book a flightsUnited Airlines is the largest airline in the world; it has the leading number of destinations in the whole world. It avails air services for 1000 destinations in 170 countries and about 700 aircrafts are functioned by it. It comes with a strong global route network and 10 global hubs.

book flightsHeadquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and United States, Delta Airlines is a major American Airline company. It avails air services for all continents except Antarctica. Delta and its companies run about 5000 flights on daily basis. About 80,000 work for this airline.

airfare ratesHeadquartered in Burlingame, California, Virgin America flies to 20 destinations within the country and three destinations in Mexico. This also comes with code share agreements with Hawaiian Airlines, Singapore Airlines China Eastern Airlines and Virgin Australia. The airline's fleet of 55 aircraft includes totally to Airbus planes.

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